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Our team has already had more than 10 years of teaching experience in kitesurfing at our home spot at Lake Neusiedl in Podersdorf/Austria. After hearing about this unique top spot for kitesurfing in Montenegro and after assessing its quality ourselves, we decided to start running a kitecenter on one of the most windy and beautiful sandy beaches here together with some locals. We want to share our passion for kitesurfing with you and our long-time experience, a trained and motivated team, modern teaching techniques and the most modern equipment are a guarantee for your ideal learning progress in our tailor-made kitesurfing courses. No matter whether  your goal is freestyle, free-ride, race or big-air – as soon as your passion for kitesurfing is sparked off,  it is only up to you to decide how far to go. Hang loose!!!

  • modern teaching techniques and a motivated team with more than 10 years of experience
  • the most up-to-date kitesurfing equipment provided by Duotone Kiteboarding and Cabrinha
  • top location and a high level of service with chilloutzone and beachbar



Our kitesurfingcenter ist located directly on a sandy beach called Velika Plaza (Long Beach), which spreads over a distance of 14 km. Reliable thermal wind systems guarantee optimal kitesurfing conditions from May till September. Especially beginners and newcomers find perfect conditions for fast learning progress by being provided with a wide standing area of a sandy quality (without dangerous riffs or rocks), shallow water and constant side-onshore-winds. Apart from this, we have a big teaching zone at our disposal, which is reserved only for us and our guests. However, also advanced kiteboarders will love this spot with its moderate temperatures (board shorts are sufficient for kitesurfing during the summer) and a lot of free space to practise new moves.

  •  a huge sandy beach which spreads over 14 km
  • excellent wind conditions with up to 80% windy days
  • perfect for beginners with its extensive standing area and shallow water



Montenegro has an area which can be compared to one and a half times the area of Greater London and is thus one of the smallest countries in Europe. Considering its size, the variety this small country offers is even more impressive. It combines kilometres of beaches, hidden bays, lively ports, picturesque mountain villages and a wild beauty in the interior mountain regions which is waiting for being discovered. Also for those who want to explore the lively nightlife in numerous discotheques, Ulcinj is the right place. So it is not surprising that Montenegro has been chosen regularly as one of the top tourist destinations of the world as recently by the New York Times, where it was rated as one of “The Top 31 Places-to-go Worldwide” and it ranked second in “Best in Travel 2013” in the Lonely Planet assessment.

  • breath-taking scenery and endless sandy beaches
  • many options for alternative activities (rafting, mountain biking, diving, partying, swimming and relaxing on the beaches… )
  • direct flights from many European destinations

our kitesurfing courses

  • privatecourse
    from € 85
    In our private courses you are trained personally by our experienced instructors. The training is perfectly adapted to your needs, no matter whether you want to improve your kitesurfing skills or whether you want to learn advanced moves and tricks.
  • refresher
    from € 149
    This course aims at kitesurfers who want to profit from the tips and experience of our professional instructors after a shorter or longer break without kitesurfing or at those who just do not feel secure enough yet to practise on their own. This the ideal chance for ultimately starting your kitesurfing career!
  • Intensive Refreshercourse
    from € 269
    You have already passed a beginners course, but want to improve your basic kitesurfing skills in an intensive training with our professional instructors? In this case the Intensive Refresher course is the right choice!
  • Basic-beginner´s course
    from € 259
    The perfect introduction to one of the most fascinating sporting activities which guarantees lots of fun and action. In this course you will learn how to handle the kite and you will also gain first experiences on the board. Adrenalin is guaranteed!
  • Intensive-beginner´s course
    from € 369
    In our intensive beginner´s course we will train with two additional lessons on the water compared to the basic course especially the starting and riding skills more intensively with you and thus prepare you in an optimal way for practising on your own after the course. Let´s Rock!!!
  • combos
    from € 390
    With our combos you can combine all our courses with the rental of equipment for the rest of your stay with unbeatable value for your money.
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    Kitesurfing licence
    from € 29
    You can also pass your Kitesurfing Licence at Kiteriders or upgrade your existing licence.

rental of kitesurfing equipment

Duotone, Kitebsurfing, Kite, Dice, truekitebaording
  • Kite
    from € 65/day
    We provide only the most up-to-date equipment from Duotone Kiteboarding. We are sure there is something for everyone, something that fits your preferences.
  • Boards
    from € 39/day
    Our boards are part out of the newest range of Duotone Kiteboarding. Boards for beginners and advanced kitesurfers.
  • harness/wetsuits
    from € 10/day
    Latest products provided by the market leader ION in high quality and different sizes to guarantee maximum comfort during your kitesurfing sessions with us.
  • complete equipment
    from € 85/day
    This is the ideal offer for those of you who do not want to carry all the stuff with you when going by plane or for those of you who just want to test the new kitesurfing equipment from Duotone Kiteboarding. With this offer you can choose from the whole range of our rental equipment including kites, boards and accessories.
  • Storage/Beach & Rescueservice
    from € 10/day
    We also offer storage capacities at our kitecenter where you can store your equipment directly and safely at our station. This option includes using the complete infrastructure of the kitecenter, including showers, toilets, starting- and landing services and the shuttle service.

packages with accommodation


Our Kiteriders Garden Villas, completed just right at the end of 2020, are waiting for you with cosy apartments, modern ambience, natural elegance and the welcoming Kiteriders atmosphere.

Being on holiday with us means experiencing moments of togetherness, making new friends and enjoying an all-round carefree kitesurfing holiday at one of the most beautiful kite spots in Europe. To meet all your expectations, we provide common areas as well as sufficient places of retreat, if you wish for privacy, in our Kiteriders Garden Villas compound. It is the perfect place for single travellers, couples, families or groups alike.

1 000 sqm of garden area including a barbecue area and a common area, a rooftop terrace of 80 sqm, and of course apartments offering you a high standard of comfort should provide the overall ambience for a never-to-be-forgotten kiting holiday in Montenegro!

We also gladly offer you individual packages with kitesurf training or rental in combination with our accommodation facilities in our exclusive “Kiteriders Garden Villas for Kiters and Friends Only”.

  • only a few minutes to the beach by car
  • Poolarea with sunbeds, chilloutzone and umbrellas
  • shuttle service to the kitecenter included
  • shopping facilities and restaurants nearby
  • city centre of Ulcinj with lots of bars, restaurants, clubs and shops within 10 minutes by car
  • free WIFI, air-condition and free parking
  • every apartment is equipped with a full-sized bed for two, an extendible couch, two separate rooms, cooking facilities, bathroom and toilet, bed linen and towels as well as a private balcony
  • chillout zone, rooft top terrace, huge garden and barbecue area

Low Season*:

  • 2-persons apartment only 48 Euro p.P./night
  • Single use only 59 Euro p.P./night
  • 3-persons apartment only 37 Euro p.P./night

High Season*:

  • 2-persons apartment only 53 Euro p.P./night
  • Single use only 75 Euro p.P./night
  • 3-persons apartment only 41 Euro p.P./night

*Low Season: May 25th to June 21rd

*High Season: June 22th to September 8th

Prices include all taxes and charges. Additional fee of 1 Euro per person/night for local tax.

Frequently asked Questions

When can I expect the best wind conditions for kitesurfing in Montenegro?

In general, winds are quite reliable from mid-May until mid-September. You will find the most windy conditions with 80% windy days from  June to August. Normally the wind starts at about 1 pm and lasts until dawn. Mostly winds come from the northwest in a side-onshore direction.

Which kite-size would you recommend?

Winds normally range between 15 and 25 knots. For an average kitesurfer (about 70 kg) we recommend kites between 9 to 12 square meters. Our rental equipment offers a wide range of recent kites and boards from Duotone Kiteboarding which fit all conditions and all levels.

Do I need a wetsuit for kitesurfing in Montenegro?

The water temperature during the summer is about 26 degree Celsius and the air temperature is more than 30 degree Celsius. Boardshorts and Lycra are sufficient for kitesurfing during this period. In the spring and autumn months we recommend  a 3/2 steamer, an overknee or a medium insulated longsleeve wetsuit (depending on your temperature sensitivity). In our kitesurfing courses we provide you with high-quality wetsuits from ION without extra costs.

Which requirements do I have to fulfil for the rental of kitesurfing equipment?

To guarantee that you do not pose a risk to yourself or others, you should be able to go upwind as a requirement for rental at our center (equals VDWS level 5 or IKO level 3). In case of doubt or without a valid kitesurfing licence we may have to check your kite-surfing level directly within the context of the obligatory spot introductory briefing, which is included in every rental for free.

What are the conditions at the spot like?

As Montenegro is not so well known yet for kitesurfing as many other spots in Europe and as Ulcinj has a big kite zone of around 2 km, it is not too crowded. Advanced kitesurfers will find enough space on the water. As a beginner you will find perfect conditions as our kitecenter is able to provide a 250m-teaching zone with standing area, where we exclusively instruct our guests and thus there is sufficient place to practise kitesurfing safely and without stress.

Do I have to consider something special for my journey to Montenegro?

No. There is no need for special arrangements which are not needed for any other destination in Europe too. For entry you only need a valid passport (no visa necessary for EU-citizens). Security standards are comparable to Central Europe and there is a good health care system as well as good hygienic standards. The official currency is the Euro, which you can withdraw at the local cash machines.

Why should kitesurfing be learned in a kitesurfing school?

Kites can develop a lot of power and thus kitesurfing can be dangerous if you try to learn it on your own. By taking a course in a kitesurfing school, you quickly learn how to handle the kite safely and in order to minimize the risk of injuries, we practise how to act and react in critical situations. Furthermore, you gain solid knowledge of kitesurfing and you learn the basics for safely dealing with your kite and board step by step.

Which equipment is included in the course offers?

In our kitesurfing courses the complete equipment needed is provided, including kite, board, harness and wetsuit. Additionally, you also get your own course handbook for free.

Where can kitesurfing be learned most effectively?

It is easy and safe to learn how to kitesurf in shallow water with a standing area. The beach of Ulcinj in Montenegro is thus perfect for beginners to get familiar with this fascinating sport. With a wide standing area and mainly side-onshore winds, kitesurfing can be learned most easily, effectively and safely in Montenegro. Through a combination of well-trained instructors, beginner-friendly and modern equipment and an optimal teaching environment, you can make your first (and of course a bit more advanced) steps in kitesurfing with a minimum of risk and a maximum of joy.

What is the best way to get to Montenegro?

The easiest way to get to Montenegro is by plane. There are several direct flights to the airports of Podgorica or Tivat, which are both about 90km away from our Kitecenter. From these two airports there is a shuttleservice available. Alternatively you can also travel to Dubrovnik airport in Croatia which is about 140km away. Depending on where you come from traveling by car might also be an option. There is free parking at the Kitehouse available.

Is there a shuttle service?

Yes, we offer a shuttle service from the airports of Podgorica or Tivat (please book in advance). We also offer a daily shuttle service between our kitecenter on the beach and our kitehouse for free. Alternatively, at the airport there are several rental car providers.

Are there any safety precautions?

Yes, there are always a rescue boat as well as certified life guards on our beach. Furthermore, the members of our beach service make sure that the safety rules are respected on our beach sector and they act as helping hands for starting and landing the kites. For sure, having fun is a basis of our course concept, but we most certainly also teach you the basic security rules and train you for emergency situations in a safe environment to assure that you will have fun with kitesurfing for a long time.

What are the prices in Montenegro?

Even in tourist areas and on the beach the price level in Montenegro is much lower than in Central Europe. In particular, we do recommend the excellent fish restaurants which serve fresh fish at a good price every day.

What else can I do in Montenegro apart from kitesurfing?

Montenegro offers a lot of alternative activities such as rafting tours, mountain biking or diving. For relaxing you will find a 14 km sandy beach, which is divided into a swimming and a surfing zone. You can enjoy the evenings in a relaxing way at our beach bar or at a barbecue at our kitehouse. However, for those of you who want to experience the lively nightlife, there are lots of bars and discotheques in Ulcinj town as well.

When does the season start and when does it end?

Our kitesurfcenter is open daily from May to September.

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